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To get compensated that much, your work has to be worth at least that much. Corollary: you need to work somewhere where your work impacts a lot of people, or else somewhere where the impact you have on fewer people has a very high amount of value. Examples: Facebook, Google, many banks, Netflix, etc.

The way to get paid a lot is to figure out what people value, and do that with skill. Fwiw I have ten years of experience, work at one of the above, and pull down more than $400k. Not as some kind of super special ml engineer. Just a moderately senior individual contributor programmer.
If you have eggs, you could make egg muffins and put a lot of those veggies in + some ham if you like. You just fill up your muffin tins swith a mixture of beaten eggs + veggies and put them in the oven until done. You can freeze them and eat them for breakfast. You could also make mini quiches. I don't have a lot of good experience of baking with veggies either, apart from the obvious ones like carrot cake and zucchini bread.

Meetups and Social Events / Re: NW Denver
« Last post by aperture on Today at 03:18:01 PM »
Please see Golden Denver thread.

It sounds like 12/16 will work for most people here. Could we decide on the idea 12/16 2-4 pm at Global Goods & Coffee (5613 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80002)? If that is too crowded, we can go to La Dolce Vita.

Cross posting from Golden thread and confirming 12/16 2-4pm at Global Goods & Coffee for iwannago, myself and my DW. thanks, aperture
Meetups and Social Events / Re: Golden, CO
« Last post by aperture on Today at 03:16:10 PM »
It sounds like 12/16 will work for most people here. Could we decide on the idea 12/16 2-4 pm at Global Goods & Coffee (5613 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80002)? If that is too crowded, we can go to La Dolce Vita.

Count me and my DW in for this. Iwannago is here for Thanksgiving dinner and she says she is on board too. Cheers, aperture.
UK Tax Discussion / Re: UK Saving / investment progress updates
« Last post by The Cardinal on Today at 03:00:02 PM »
I've been saving regularly into S&S ISAs since early 2007 (aged 26), although until this year it was really "for a rainy day" as opposed to aiming for something specific like FI. I discovered this site mid-2017 and it's been a bit of a revelation to realise that I could focus on financial independence.

For simplicity, I will exclude property and pension here. I've generally contributed 600 per month, with two years (2014, 2015) in which I made greater contributions.

The below measures April in each year - for overall growth and return on the investment (i.e. change, excluding contributions for that year):

Year Overall growth Investment return
2007 1,583 - -
2008 8,295 424% -6%
2009 12,000 45% -29%
2010 19,800 65% 4%
2011 32,621 65% 24%
2012 37,620 15% -6%
2013 52,908 41% 19%
2014 67,317 27% 5%
2015 90,627 35% 11%
2016 100,301 11% 3%
2017 120,535 20% 13%
2018* 136,000* 13%* 6%* *forecast for 2017/18 based on in-year trend

I'd welcome any comments on this (including whether my calculations are correct!). I use my in-laws' financial adviser and hold three funds: one UK defensive, one UK adventurous and one worldwide. I need to look at these arrangements.

I've posted elsewhere about my aims, which seem quite conservative and basically involve getting the above to a sum of 460-610k; depending on whether I want to achieve FI at 45-50 (I'm 37 now).

I'm currently focusing hard on paying-off mortgage and other debt and will increase ISA contributions as this is achieved within the next 18-36 months. I've managed to get this down from 38k to 31k just since discovering this site in May.
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Republican Tax Plan 2017
« Last post by pecunia on Today at 02:59:53 PM »
Yes - good response. I would like your opinion on the other point I brought up. The country seems to be going backwards. I do not recall that enormous debt was incurred a generation ago. I had an NDSL loan with an interest rate of 1.5 or 3 percent. I've been told there is certainly no low interest loans for the students of today.

Is it harder to go to school today? Shouldn't student support be an obvious investment to by made by the country? Shouldn't the short term profit motive be waived for the good of us all? Are our current politicians doing anything to help with this long term investment in our future?
Welcome and General Discussion / Re: Need a good podcast
« Last post by geekette on Today at 02:53:56 PM »
And for something just plain interesting, 99% invisible.
Throw Down the Gauntlet / Re: Thrift Store Gifts!
« Last post by MrsWhipple on Today at 02:48:16 PM »
This isn't a thrift store gift, but I wanted to share my good fortune - I entered a raffle survey and won a mini Buddha board (they're seriously cool, you use water as ink and it disappears when it dries, great for kids!) Since we already have one, it's going to be a gift for someone in my family.

Now a pro tip for winning raffles: fold your ticket/survey/business card in half when you drop it in. Folded paper gets shuffled to the top and picked out of a bag much more often than unfolded paper. Bwahaha!
Used public transport or walked for all journeys.
Booked theatre tickets using vouchers given to us by relatives for birthdays.

Took lunch and dinner to work. Only had time to eat the lunch, so will eat the dinner tomorrow night.
Unsubscribed from a load of marketing emails - less temptation to spend.
I need fuel for the car tomorrow, but am otherwise expecting a No Spend Day tomorrow (Black Friday in the UK)
Reader Recommendations / Re: Hybrid bike recommendation needed!
« Last post by newton on Today at 02:43:01 PM »
I'm a Trek Guy. Have a road and 2 hybrids. The oldest hybrid is a 7.2FX. You should be able to find a used one for not much at all.
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